Who are we

More than 4,000 homes and 200 buildings constructed support our experience in projects, budgets and technical, economic and commercial management

Interlocutor Propietatis are expert real estate professionals, with over thirty years of experience operating in all divisions concurring in the world of developing and construction.

Our experience began on site and culminated leading a family  property holding comprised of companies engaged in promotion, construction, patrimony management and marketing of all kinds of real estate assets.

Our knowledge and experience crosses different fields; having managed all activities involved in developing and construction has enabled us to provide services in any of these sectors. From finding the perfect property, well into the completion of the project, then finalizing the investment with the sole purpose of protecting the interest of our customers, while also enabling them to achieve their aspirations during their engagement in a real estate project.

After more than thirty years in the professional real estate world, we thought it would be necessary to innovate our business by putting our expertise at the service of our clients and representing their interests as our very own.



“Be the change you want to see in the world”, Mahatma Gandhi

At Interlocutor Propietatis we are the change that we want to see in the world of real estate and construction, by defending the interests of our clients.

Empathy and professionalism

At Interlocutor Propietatis we understand the needs and situations faced by owners. We don’t want to be a supplier but a skilled professional who will accompany you in negotiating and managing your project as our own.

Honesty and transparency

Interlocutor Propietatis was born out of these values and they are our trademark. Our services come from our search of honesty and transparency in the real estate sector, providing these values for the benefit of our clients.

Perfectionism and perseverance

At Interlocutor Propietatis we believe that perseverance is the best way to achieve our pursuit of perfection.  We understand that customer satisfaction will only be achieved when our clients see their desires and aspirations fulfilled in their projects at the lowest economic and emotional cost.