Why do you need us

We protect your interests as our own
Why do you need us?

We protect your interests as our own

Why do you need us as your personal real estate agent?
When deciding to invest in real estate assets, whether for private or business use, you must initially determine the characteristics and desires that you want to accomplish before you start searching. Once identified, you should devote much time to make the correct selection. However, the process is not quite that simple, you should visit all the shortlisted properties, verify their quality and maintenance status, negotiate price and terms with the owner or broker, request and analyze all necessary documentation for signing contracts and public documents, etc.

Our great experience will prove very important in the acquisition and sale of real estate assets and will help you determine what are your present needs and  what will become your future needs. Our services are only destined to protect and defend the interests of our clients.

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Why do you need us as consultors in family patrimony companies?
When a family decides to invest in real estate assets for exploitation, they are looking for means to capitalize and preserve their savings, earn revenue to supplement their personal or family income, both present and future. It is because of this long and medium term vision that real estate goods are always a classic and safe investment and not just a mere speculative product.

On the other hand, it is known that the management of these family businesses often have a certain level of complexity.  It is often very difficult to reconcile a strictly business criteria versus a criteria based entirely on the personal preferences of the purchasing family. This is when new investments for growth are discussed and decisions are made to improve the return on equity.  It is also the moment to revise latent problems and visualize the desires, interests and discrepancies of each family member.

You need us because our long experience in advising and managing all kinds of real estate assets will improve the profitability of your investment.  We will achieve preserving and increasing its value safely, while avoiding family conflict.

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Why do you need us for a construction work or rehabilitation?
The works and rehabilitations are some of the biggest investments that families and companies do. The paradox is that one of the greatest investments we make in our lives, risking a great part of our patrimony, we do it without the advice of real professionals to protect and ensure our interests.

It is public knowledge that there is little formality and professionalism in this sector. The inexperience by most owners of the duties and obligations of the professionals involved in a project, create many conflicts of interest which will eventually lead to a major conflict.

Property owners have a tendency to believe that they have the experience, technical ability and the time needed to manage and coordinate the work in a construction project. They will find themselves alone, confronting people that have worked in these fields for many years, not an easy task. This situation, compounded by stress and emotional involvement, will eventually lead to the acceptance of ideas and work which is often against their interest.

You need us because our experience, our technical and creative abilities and our comprehensive knowledge in management and coordination will protect your property. We will act as your interlocutors defending only your interest and wishes hoping to turn them into reality.

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Why do you need us for a real estate development?
The purpose of real estate development intended for sale or rent is to achieve the economic expectations and conditions for business. Therefore, the first necessary premise  is to get the highest possible return while minimizing all economic and legal risks involved in investments of this level.

Launching a property development may seem simple or not very different from investing in any other industry, but this is far from the truth. During the years of the housing boom, risks and errors were minimized because the rampant inflation in Spain hid everything but the lack of experience and professionalism along with wild speculation led to the worst crisis in the history of the sector.

Our services are designed to protect your investment defending your financial as well as your commercial interests, everything necessary to succeed in the world of real estate investment.

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